Seventh International Conference of the CIS IHSS on
humic innovative technologies
"Humic substances and technologies for resilience"
Dear Colleagues!
We invite you to take part at the Seventh International Conference on Humic Innovative Technologies "Humic substances and technologies for resilience” (HIT – 2022), which is held under auspices of the Regional CIS Chapter of the International Humic Substances Society (IHSS) and the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of Chemistry.
Conference dates:
November 18-21, 2022
Conference Venue:
Sailing Club "Vodnik", Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, Russia
The goal of the conference is to get together in our difficult times and discuss the pressing problems of both humic science and the work of our regional branch of the CIS IHSS under the new geopolitical conditions. Time itself dictated the name of the conference: we urgently need to learn how to survive, humic substances can do this and they have something to help a person in times of change. Russian "выживание" has a wonderful English equivalent "resilience", which means "survival" or "hardiness". "Technologies for resilience" are supposed to increase the sustainability of materials and technologies to numerous catastrophic events caused by climate change and other phenomena. Therefore, we decided to keep up with the times and call our unscheduled, seventh conference "Humic Substances and Survival Technologies".
We are looking forward to the active participation of scientists and our business community in the exhibition. None of our conferences would have taken place without the support of business, so we propose to announce our conferences as a conference and an exhibition under the same name. Our friendship and joint work are the key to the prosperity of the humic industry. This factor becomes even more valuable onder modern circumstances. We need each other, and in difficult times this becomes extremely clear.
In our large and friendly family of the CIS IHSS, - and at the moment there are 130-140 people stably in the members of the society, - every voice is precious. Therefore, the conference will be held both in person and online in order to reach out and hear everyone who has decided to connect their lives with the science of humic substances, or with a humic-orientated business.
The conference will take place in a hybrid format: face-to-face and online participation. We really hope to see everyone who cannot get to Vodnik, at least, on our monitors.
Welcome to HIT-2022!
Maria Zykova and Irina Perminova