Fifth International Conference of CIS IHSS on Humic Innovative Technologies
«Humic substances and living systems» (HIT-2019)
October 19 to 23, 2019, Moscow, Russia


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Dear colleagues,

We are glad to announce the Fifth Conference on Humic Innovative Technologies "Humic substances and living systems" (HIT-2019), which will occur under auspices of the CIS IHSS Chapter and the Lomonosov Moscow State University. HIT-2019 will take place from October 19 to 23, 2019, in the sailing club "Vodnik", located in Moscow region, Russia.

The title of the conference is inspired by substantial progress, which has been recently made in understanding mechanisms of biological activity of humic substances. This got possible due to advances in complex mixture separation techniques, high resolution mass spectrometry, novel methods of biochemical analysis, and molecular biology. The main goal of HIT-2019 is to bring these new achievements to awareness of broad scientific community.

The conference will consider various aspects of interactions between humic substances and living systems. Particular attention will be given to the progress achieved in the field of establishing relationships between structure and biological activity of humic substances. The sections will be organized in accordance with the different levels of living systems: from microorganisms and fungi to plants, animals, and humans. The conference program includes plenary, oral, and poster sessions, three round tables, and the IUPAC working group meeting. In addition, the exhibition "Humic products and technologies: achievements and prospects" will take place as a satellite event of the Conference.

Welcome to HIT-2019!
We will be happy to see you in Moscow!

Irina V. Perminova
Chair of the Organizing Committee of the HIT-2019
Chair of the CIS IHSS Chapter
Head of the Laboratory of Natural Humic Systems
Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Fine Organic Synthesis
Department of Chemistry of the Lomonosov MSU